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Evening of Turkish culture and entertainment
Turkey has a very ancient folk dance tradition, which varies from region to region and Turkish Night highlights the dances and complete them with traditional costumes. For you to experience the real Turkey you have to attend to one of this traditional Turkish evenings. You will enjoy in a typical Turkish atmosphere with an evening of Turkish culture, customs and folklore. With the sounds of folk music, you will have a chance to see a traditional Turkish vvedding, folk dances from Anatolia with their national costumes and to enjoy in belly dancing.
The program begins with live music and follovved with Turkish folk dancers entering the stage and start dancing.

Dancers, including the bride and groom, perform the traditional way in which girl gets married in Turkey. The bride is dressed in a beautiful red dress. After a coupie of other folk dances from different parts of Turkey, the highlight of the night comes: belly dancer. After some other dances and shows like fire dance, it's time for Caucasian dance with knives and drum show.

The most popular Turkish folk dances are: „Çayda Çıra” from Central Anatolia is performed by young giriş dressed in silver and gold embroidered kaftans who dance in the dark with lighted candles in their hands. İn the „Silifke Yoğurdu" from the South Mediterranean, dancers click vvooden spoons together above their heads. „Şeyh Şamil" from East Turkey is a beautiful dramatised legend of a Caucasian hero. „Kılıç Kalkan" is an epic dance performed with swords and shields and originates from the northvvestern part of the country.

Zeybek“ is an epic and vigorous dance from Aegean Turkey and the dance is performed by male dancers who bang their knees on the floor betvveen the steps.

Folk acts. Belly dancers. Meze starters, dinner and unlimited drinks served during the show. That's vvhat's on offer on this dinner-and-show extravaganza. Entertainment is guaranteed.
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